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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 61

possession of Said Tennament for the Benefit & behoof of the Said Absent Proprietor his Heirs Executors &ca Not being able to be at any further Expence, to Defend & pay Rent Any longer for the Same, And having Ask'd the Advice of the Board what Could be Done therein, And the Same being Read & taken into Consieration the Board — Unanimously Agreed

     That it is for his Majestys Service, the Good of this Collony, & the Benefit of the Sev.l Proprietors whether Absent or present that the Lower Town be Inhabited by British Subjects and not Abandoned to give An Opportunity to the Indian Enemy to Come & Sett fire to it when they please


     That it is their Oppinion Considering the Great Risque the Inhabitants who are not Proprietors run of their lives and Effects for the Defence of their Several houses, and the Trouble and Expence, they are or may be put to in fortifieing the Same; that for their Encouragement they Ought, for a Certain time, to Enjoy their Several houses Rent [84] Rent-free, And that Whereas the Estate of the Said John Hobby Esq for want of being Inhabited & other Due Oare, is allready gone to Decay & Ruine; The Board Agreed to propose to William Shirreff Esq his holding & keeping possession of the Said Tennament for which he hath hitherto paid Seven pounds Ten Shillings per Annum, Rent free

     And he being Called & the Above proposition put to him, he Made Answer that, he would very willingly hold & Enjoy it on Acco.t of the Great Charge & Expence he hath been at in Improvements & Repairs; but would rather Abandon all than both to pay Rent and Expose himself to the Risque and Disturbance of his family, for the Defence of Another mans Estate, which must Neads put him to Several other Extraor dinary Expences: But providing that he might have it Rent free for such a time as he Could Conveniently possess it, & if that the Other Inhabitants would Likewise Return to their houses, that he Would Also use his Endeavours to possess &


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