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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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he had heard att Mines Concerning the Indians, which being Approv'd of, Cap.t John Alden was Call'd before the Board and being Sworn Declared

     That Prudane Robichau Senior the 26th of June Last (before he Saild from this place) Came on Board of his Sloop & told him that the Priest of this River was Arrived here from Menis, & he then Asking him if there were any News, that Robichau told him there was None, And two Days after Arriving at Mines, M.r William Winniett Ask'd him what News & Whether the Priest was Arrived at Annapolis & whether he had Informed the Governor of the Indians; That he Answer'd him that Prudane Robichau aforesaid had told him of ye Priests Arrival but no other News, & that he Did not hear that the Priest had given the Governour any Manner of Information
William Shirreff Esqe.r Ordained to keep the possession of some Ground in the lower Town on which he made Improvements


     Then William Shirreff Esq being Order'd to Withdraw the Honourable L.t Governour laid before the Board his Memo.l bearing date the 9th Ins.t (as upon file) Setting forth that he was a Tennant to John Hobby Esqe.e and Obliged by Lease to pay for his Tennament Seven pounds Ten Shillings per Annum, And that Whereas he had in these Troublesome Times of Warr with the Indians, been put, not only to Several Extraordinary Expences, but to his Very Great, Loss and Detriment, Drove by the Enemy from the Quiet and peacable [83] Peacable possession of Said Tennam.t on which he hath Made Severall Improvements in the Lower Town; New Abandoned through fear of the Enemy by all the English Inhabitants, who are allm.ost all proprietors, And that being by his Articles of Agreement, which he Likewise produced, permitted either to Quitt or hold Said Tennament &ca at pleasure, not Exceeding the Tarme of Twenty one years and not knowing Where to find Said John Hobby Esq or any of his Attorneys or Assignes he had therefore Applyed himself to the Governor & Council, knowing none So proper in the Absence of Said John Hobby, who has no Attorney as aforeSaid to take from him the Care &


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