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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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     A letter from His Excellency to General to Father Justinian Durand (a popish Priest) was Read ; and approved of to be sent up the river wth the afores:d Order [8]
report of a committe.

     A report of the Committee appointed to inspect the papers of this Goverment relateing to the French Inhabitants: vizt That they had found several papers relateing to French InhabItants particularly the Oaths they had taken to her late Majtie Queen Ann which were deliverd in.
     Read and Advised on.

At a Council held at the Hon.ble Liev.t Gov.r house in his Majties Garrison of Annapolis Royal upon Saturday 30 April 1720. P. M.

His Excellency the General
The Hon:ble Liev.t Governor
Paul Mascarene Esq
John Harrison Esq
Cyprian Southack Esq
Arthur Savage Esq
John Adams Esq


Information being given by one of his Majties Council that Cleud Mellanson had told him that the Indians of Penobscot had threatned the French Inhabitants of this Goverment vizt That if they sign'd for the English they would cut their throats [9]
several Frenchmen examined

     The sayd Mellenson was sent for and examined thereon, who denyed he had said any such thing likewise Mathew Doucett another French Inhabitant of this Province being examined to the same purpose, said he had heard such a report but could not remember the perticular person that said it
Ar Savage Secry

     It was then said that the report came by M.e Joseph Bissel, who was called in & examined thereupon, who denyed that he or any of his Crew (being Sailors) could bring any such report for that Neither of them had seen an Indian at Penobscot.

     The above French dismist untill further orders


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