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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 59

afternoon he was Inform'd that they were Resolved to Come to this place, whereupon he Declared he would make [81] Make the Best of his way to Informe the Governour of their Designes, upon which Sev.l of the Inhabitants Assured him that the Priest of Annapolis Royall & Some of the Inhabitants had been there & were allready Arrived at Annapolis & that the Garrison without any manner or Doubt was Informed for that the Priest & those with him had been Stop'd some time and that the Priest told the Indians that it was in Vain for them to Stop him for if that he was not at Annapolis by Such a time every body would be assured that nothing but the Indians had Detain'd him and so his going or Staying would be Equall

     Peter Surrett, Alexander Douglass, Peter Grivoy and Phillip Carthwright Mariners on board of M.r William Winniett's Sloop being likewise Sworn to give a faithful account of what they had heard at Mines Concerning the Indians; Declared that when they were at Mines they heard the Inhabitants Say that M.r Winniett had no Bussiness to leave his own Bussiness & to Come to Annapolis to Advertise the Gov ernor of the Indians Designe against that Town & Garrison, assuring him y.t the Priest of Annapolis whom they had Detained for two Days being gone Some Days agoe was Certainly Arrived there and had Informed the Governor of all their Proceedings

     At a Council held at the Honourable L.t Governor John Doucett's house in his Majestys Garrison of Annapolis Royall on Saturday the 18th Day of July 1724 P. M.
Present [82]

Present The Honourable Lievt Governor President
Major Paul Mascarene
John Adams Esq
Hibbert Newton Esq
William Skene Esq

William Shirreff Esq

     The Honourable L.t Governor Acquainted the Board y.t Cap.t John Alden being Arrived from Menis he Judged it proper that he Should be Examined upon Oath as to what
Captain Alden Examined about what He knew of the Indians design


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