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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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River knew of the Indian's Designes of coming hither and Wondring y.t he had not Informed him timely of it Acquainted the Board that he thought it very Necessary That M.r Will.m Winniett who Arrived here from Mines the fifth [80] fifth Inst. to give Intelligence of the Indians Designes of Surprizing if possible the Town & Garrison Should with his whole Sloops Orew be Examined upon oath as to what he & they had heard at Mines Concerning the Same, Which being approved of they were Accordingly called before the Board and Examined
Mr. Winniett & his crew Examined about what

     M.r William Winmett being Sworn Said that when he went into the Entry of Mines he found Mr Blin at Anchor at Baptist Cove where he did not Expect to see him, upon which he went about with his Vessell & Stood for him, put up his Ens.n in the Shrowds and fired a Gun & not hearing any answer made by Mr Blin he then Suposed he had been taken by the Indians, But M.r Blin Coming Immediately to Sail he Spoke with him, who told him that the Indians refused to let the Inhabitants Come on Boord of him & that a french man who had been on board of him had been Stop'd Some time by them & then M.r Blin Asking his Oppinion as to what was to be Done he made Ans.r that he was Resolved to go & do his Business and that there was no Danger for two Vessells & then both Agreeing they went and Grounded on the Mud Bank & that this being on a Saturday he rec.d a Letter from two of the Inhabitants to assure him y.t they would be on Board the next Day, who Accordingly Came & told him there were about Seventy or Eighty Indians, thirty of of which were of S.t Johns River & the Rest were Indians belonging toShickabenaadia & the Eastern Coast, but two Vessells being together brock their Designes, for that they had Resolved to Attempt the takeing of one Vessell if alone That on Munday Sev.l Inha.bitants came on Board & told publickly that the Indians had held Sev.l Councils & were very much Divided in their Oppinions, that Some were for this place Some for Canso & ethers for Dispersing; Tewsday there being a Gale of Wind he had no news, on Wednesday


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