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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 39

admitted as aforesaid being read & Interpreted to them they Signed the Same & gave all other Verball Asurances of their good Behaviour

     Mr. James Blin & his Crew being aspersed for selling Shott at Shickanecto Came before the Board and Severally made Oath that they Neither Directly or Indirectly Sold or Disposed of any Shot During his said Voyage up the Bay.


     Three Boys who had been taken prisoners on the Eastern Coast of this Province by the Indians & Ransom'd of the french at Mines by M.r James Blin were Called before the Board &asked what they had seen & heard while they were there amongst the french Inhabitants & they being of Age the Honourable L.t Governor Examined them upon Oath as follows viz.t [57] Charles Davis, Nicholas Hutton and George Willis Appeared before me and his Majestys Council & Declared that they were taken prisoners on the Eastern Coast of this Province by the Indians and Ransom'd by M.r James Blin from the french Inhabitants of Mines and Pissagitt after they had been in the hands of the french about three months. They declared they saw a great many of the Inhabitants under Arms, who keept Guard, pretending to be affradd the English would come and Attack them, & that they had often heard the french Say, That if they were Attack'd this Summer, they would with Six hundred Indians who were allready Arrived from Canada & fifteen hundred of themselves, go and Burn Annapolis in the Winter, and sometimes they heard them say, that they Espected six ships with Six hundred men to sail from Cape Breton in Order to take this ffort. One of them, Charles Davis, said he had lain in the Woods Some Nights with ye Inhabitants who had Removed their Goods from their houses in Expectation the English would Come.

Three Boys that were taken prison- ers by and ransom'd from the ffreanch Examined.


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