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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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     His Honour thereupon told them, that he had a great mind, seeing they had so Said, for their Contempt of this his Majesty of Great Britain's Government to send them to France .

     They replyed with a Laugh & a most haughty Insolent Air, With all their Hearts, then turned their Backs & went out of the Room Seemingly in very great passion, Slaming & throwing the Doors in a most rude & Insulting Manner, & without his Honours leave they left the Board where they were desired to Attend for an Answer to the above said Petition

     Then Mr. Dentremont being called before the Board & told that the Priests had refused to go, He said he was sorry for it, for it was his Opinion that the most Expedient method to bring these Indians to reason & to get Restitution would be to send a Priest, which was the reason of his proposing it to his Honour, a Priest being also much wanted at their Village to Baptize & administer the Sacraments

     The Board having taken their Behavour & Comportment into Consideration, came unanimously to this Resolution that they should be dismissed & ordered to retire to the Presbytere & there remain till an Opportunity Offered to send them out of the Province

     Agreed that they the two priests should be Again Sent for to hear the Opinion & Determination of the Board, that they may prepare to be gone when ever an Opportunity Should Offer


     Whereupon the said two Priests Appearing before the Board & the Sentence being read; They reasumed their former Insolence, Called for chairs to sitt Down, Saying that they did not Appear as Criminals & that they had no bussiness with things Temporal, and further expressed themselves in these words "Que Nous N'avous point D'ordres a Recevoir jci and as their whole [438] whole Behaviour & Discourse to the Govr was as above Recited & tending to a Jurisdiction of their own Independant of his Majesty's Authority & the civil power of this his Goverment, they Were Ordered to


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