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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 341

     Mr Dentremont being also again called & Interrogated particularly about the two Men whom the Gentlewoman had left when the Indians took her, he Answered & said, that while she was along with him, that he never heard her say anything about two men being left on Board alive; that the Indians had said & told him that they were all Dead & had found no person there but the Gentlewoman, & being told that she had informed & told him thereof; He replyed that if she did, he did not understand her, & upon recollecting himself, said that in comming hither, he understood that the Lady had said so to Mr Mitchell, & gave a further Accot that the Indians had also told him that, they had found Eight persons lying all Dead & naked upon ye Shore whereof one was a Woman big with Child as they supposed near to the Tusketts, & The Gentlewoman saying that she had two maids, the One a pretty lusty Woman & the Other but only a Girl, & that she did not know nor did She ever in the least perceive her to be in that state & Condition & alledging that they must have been mistaken Adjourned till 3 o' the Clock P M Being [435]


     Being mett at the Same place According to Adjournment & the Same members present His Honor aquainted the Board that for want of proof & further Information, they had in his Opinion gone through the Examination as much & and as Strictly as was possible That he had therefore thought proper to propose to them his Intentions of sending a party of the Kings Troops to the Harbour Tibogue & Pobomcoups to Recover the Brigantine her Sails, Rigging & as many of the Other Effects as possible for the Benefit of the Owner, & thereon desiring the Opinion of the Board. & the question being put it was by a Majority Carried in the Affirmative that it was very proper that His Honour should send a party for that purpose, & to write to the Indians & the ffrench Inhabitants at Pobomcou(ps Expostulatory Letters on the Same Subject


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