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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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1735. to the Said Richd White to depart with the said Brigantine A receipt of Andrew Arbuthnott for (4 " 10s from Andrew Buckler Owener of the Baltimore in full of all Accots &c Demands for Wages due on Board the said Vessell, Witnessed by William Ware dated the 18th July 1735; And a Memorandum dated the 6th May 1735, signifying that a Bill of that day's date was drawn for (42 " 4 " 8¾ On Mr Thomas Corker Mercht in Dublin, in favour of Messrs Sturge & ffort of Barbados, but not being signed it does not Appear by whom Drawn


     Which papers being all read, the Gentlewoman was called, & being thereon Examined, she Excused herself from having a General knowledge of her Husbands Affairs gave such Answers as could not be Contradicted & said that Mr Corker was her Husband's Mercht, in that place as he had others Elsewhere, & that having her Husbands power of Attorney to manage in his Absence, he was to Settle his Affairs; & in case of any such Accidents as aforesaid to be Accountable to her for the benefit of his surviving family having now two Children in Ireland with her Mother And [434] And as her Assertions could be noways Contradicted there was then read to her an English translation of Mr Dantremonts (aIs Pobomcoup's) Declaration; & she being thereon Examined, She admitted & Acknowledged that all he had related & said of what had passed between them was truth & that he & the rest at Pobomooup had Entertained her with a great deal of Civility, but positively Denied that Circumstance of about praying their Acceptance of the Vessell Saying that she only in a most Ardent & Suppliant manner prayed & desired them to bring her, the Vessell, from where she was into their Harbour, & said he Certainly misunderstood her, for having heard him talk of Annapolis, & that Merchts from thence as she Apprehended came frequently there, She was thereby in hopes of saving the Brigantine, & by their Assistance of getting her Conducted to that Port, beleiving it to be that Annapolis in Maryland, & that therefore she had only committed the Vessell to their Care


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