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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Peter Pino And therefore As to the first to Witt, Jermain Doucett
Doucett to be Whipt.

     The Board Agreed And Were of Opinion That he the said Jermain Doucett Should Receive Twenty five Stripes upon his Bare Back at the Carts Tail from the Mass house to the Cape and to be fined four fold the Value of the Goods found in his possession, and to lie in jail till he pay Said Sum


     And as to the Boy Peter Pino the Board were [424] Were of Opinion that he should also pay four fold the Value of what was found in his possession And should whip the Other Two vizt Peter Goun and Jermain Doucett According to the sentance of the Board
L : Armstrong

     At a Committie of Council held by Order of the Honouable Lawrence Armstrong Esqr the Lt Govr of the province at the Secretarys Office on fryday the 16th of January 1735/6

William Shirreff Esq
Henry Cope Esq
Eras: Ja: Philipps Esq
Gautier & Moiards case in relat.n to ye rent of ye Mill.

     Monsr Gautier laid before the Gentlemen of the Comitie An Accot of Arrearages of Rent due to him by Monsr Mioard; And Desiring that the Gentlemen would Examine the Same; Monsr Moiard Also produced his Accot Which being Compared with that Exhibited by Mr Gautier he Accepted of Moiards Charge And Granted him the Term of Seven Months to pay him the Remaining Ballance Which is Seventy five Buslls And an half of Wheat And so they Agreed
L : Armstrong


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