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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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named as Proprietors in conjunction with those mentioned in the Annexed List And therefore ordered the Secretary to prepare a Patent in favour of those therein Mentioned [400]

     A List of the Patentees for Mines in Nova Scotia

     The Honble Sr Robt Walpole: His Grace the Duke of New Castle; My Lord Harrington; His Grace the Duke of Chandois; The Honble Horatio Walpole; The Honble Henry Pelham; Sr William Strickland; My Lord Isla; Colln Bladen; Govr Hart; Collll John Armstrong; Allured Pople Esqr; King Gould Esqr; Henry Pople Esqr; Captn Andrew Robinson, The Honble John Cockburn; His Excelly Govr Richd Philipps; The Honble Lt Govr Armstrong; The HonbIe Lt Govr Cosby;

     Major Paul Mascarene      Councellrs for this Province
John Adams Esq
Will Skene Esq
Will Shirreff Esq
Henry Cope Esq
Erasmus Jas Philipps Esq
Otho Hamilton Esq
Mr John Handfield; Mr Edward Amburst
Captn Nathll Donnell Junior      Merchants
Captn Peter Blin
Mr Samll Donnell Junior
Captn Joseph Jephson,
Rene L' Blanc      Discoverers
Bernard L' Blanc
Capt:n Henry Daniel, Mr Geo: Mitchell;
In all 36

Annapolis Royall
     30th 9br 1734



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