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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 31


     The robbery,of Mr Aldens Sloop and the forrmer Orders of his Excellencys deliver'd to the Deputys of Minas, for the people of that place, to make full restitution of the whole value thereof to said Alden: as a prelimnary to their satisfaction for their Offence: was Considered On, how farr they had complyed with their duty therein. Cap.t John Alden was sent for in and examined relateing to their restitution — then Two of the Deputys of Minas was likewise sent for in. The Copy of the Orders to the Inhabitants of said place per M.r Winniet was read [47] Cap.t John Alden being askt declared That he had received but one hundred and fifteen pounds. new England money (out of Two hundred and sixty pounds. being robb'd off) of the Inhabitants of Minas. and was not satisfy'd any farther. he likewise affirm'd that he beleiued the Inhabitants of said place might haue prevented said robbery, if they had exerted themselves against the Indians in his defence. The Deputys pretended to excuse themselves as formerly.

His Excel- lencys orders In relation to the robery of Mr. Aldens sloop advised

     Order'd That a Comittee of Counci! viz.t The Hon:ble Liev.t Governor, and John Adams Esq;e draw up an Order to said Inhabitants relateing thereto, for his ExcelIencys approbation and signing
Ar Savage Scery

     At a Council held at the Hon:ble Liev.t Governors house in his Majestys Garrison of Annapolis Royal upon Tuesday the 26th September 1721

The Hon:ble Lievt Governor. John Doucet Esq President
Mr. Secretary Savage
John Adams Esq
Hibbert Newton Esq
William Skene Esq
Peter Boudre Esq


The President acquainted the Board [48] the Board that Orders to prevent Capt John Alden master of the sloop Two Brothers was arriued here last night from Boston where the small-pox is very breif, desired the Opinion of the Board relateing to lyeing Quarentine. resolued and Agreed that a message from his Honour be sent on board sd Vessell by M:r Collector to

Orders to prevent Capt. Aldens Crew coming ashore for fear of the Smalpox


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