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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Captain Jephson through Mistake being only inserted as aforesaid; And as to the Hospitall that a Clause of Reserve thereof may be added to the foot of the Patent, Mr Vane being willing to Sign the Same


     Whereupon the Gentlemen of the Committee were of opinion that all mistakes ought to be rectifyed according to Right and Equity [354]
Order in Relation to Cattle approved of

     Then was read a Scrol of an order in Relation to Cattle, and the Same was approved off, Except a paragraph that Related to the other Inhabitants of the River, it being judged Sufficient to Extend only to the Herds and flocks of Annapolis Royall, the Cape, Bellair and Rushau fforshew,1 and were of opinion that the Said paragraph Should be omitted & intirely left out
Scrol Commission for uplifting the Rents of this River

     There was also laid before them and Read a Blank Scroll of a Commission for Collecting the Rents of this River, and upon Consideration thereof it was Judged Necessary that the Said Rents Should be Collected, But that they Should not be appropriated to any use, But kept, or the value thereof, till his Majesty's pleasure in Relation to Said Rents Clamed by the Seigniors, be known


And as to the Scrol orders about the Cannoo's and other fishing vesselIs, they were of opinion that Such an order might Clog and prove prejudiciall to that Trade, So much directed to be Encouraged, by perhaps, loosing a Tide, or Some time more, if Restricted to Stop and wait upon the Naval officer, Either in passing or Repassing with their ffish; and that therefore they Judged, it Sufficient that the Naval Officer take a particular Account of all the fish Cleared out, because [355] because that from the Export and an Estimate of the Consumption made thereof in the place a Judgement may be formed of the quantity Catched annually by the Inhabitants
L : Armstrong

1. Ruisseau forchu?


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