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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

  268  Nova Scotia Archives.
Mrs. Belisles petition for Rents &c.


     Then was Read a Petition from Mary de St Etienne Widow of Alexander Ie Burn of Belisle and of Mary le Burn her Daughter Setting forth that that they had no Contract for Some lands Called the farm, and that it was only Granted them by virtue of Arrest de Cour, as were also the Seigniorial [338] Seigniorial Rents, and therefore as they had been at Great Charges in Settling the Province, Prays the Enjoyment of' Said Rents and farms &c as upon file

     Which being taken into Consideration The Board were of opinion that her affair was of Such Consequence, that they Judged it necessary that it Should be Recommended home to the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, to be laid before his Majesty for his directions thereon, and the Other Demands and affairs of the Seigniors, and that the Petitioners may also apply, if they1 thinks proper, to his Majesty, for a Determination thereof
John Duons tryall in Relation to the paper placed at the Mass House and his Reflection on the England government


     Then His Honour laid before the Board a Paper Delivered to him by the Constable John Hanshole, which had been fixed up by Some unknown person at Mr Douglass's Stable, and Said to have been pulled down by John Duon; it having been first Seen or found in his possession; of Which paper His Honour having been informed, and in whose possession it was, Sent to See it, which being Shown him by Said Duon, he ordered him (not knowing who was the author) to Refix it from whence he took it, which was done, But he immediatly pulled it down again, and Carryed it off, telling the Constable [339] Constable, who Expected him to lodge with him that night, to go and take Care of his paper; upon which the Constable, being suspicious that he had taken it down, went to the place, and found it taken; and thereupon Complaining to his Honour, He ordered him to go and apprehend the Said Duon whom he had Committed to prison for his Said Contempt and the unmannerly Reflections he had Cast upon the English, In presence of the Constable and Charles Tallard &c who being ordered to have their Declarations Ready by four

1. Written "she"; corrected "they"


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