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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Depuis's Adverse party, had disobey'd his Honours orders, And Evaded the Sentence of the Council; and that for Said Contempt the Said Alexander Bourg and the Deputys Should be Summon'd to appear here to Answer for the Same, and that the aforesaid Le Blancs who are therein Concern'd as partys, Should (Conformable to Anthony Depuis Request) be kept prisoners untiIl the aforesaid Minute of Council be Exactly and punctually Complyed with & therefore


     Ordered that the aforesaid Sentence in Relation to the lands lying Between the two Russeaus de Lagle be Executed before the Said Rene & ffrancis Le Blancs be [335] be Sett at liberty; ordered also that a Summons be Sent to Alexander Bourg and the Deputys of Menis to Appear here forthwith, to answer and Give Reasons for not Complying with the Minutes of Council, and his Honours orders in Relation to the Depuis and Claudes, & Rene Le Blanc and the Melansons
Boumons Petition for a plott of Ground Granted

     Then was Read a Petition from James Boumon alias Bounevie, praying a Patent for a peice of land as per Said Petition upon file; And it being Considered Agreed that a Patent may be Given for the Same According to his Majestys Instructions. Adjourned till the next morning at 10 o Clock

     Wednesday January 31st Met according to Adjournment, the Same Members being present
Le Blancs peittion praying to have liberty to go to Menis


     The Secretary Acquainted the Board that His Honour was not to be present, and that he had Recommended to their Consideration a Petition from the two prisoners vizt ffrancis and René Le Blancs, praying that one of them might be Enlarged and permitted to Go to Menis in order to Settle their Affairs and to Return after finishing of the affair with the Depuis; which being Read the Board Agreed that ffrancis LeBlanc should [336] Should be permitted to Go and Settle Said affairs at Menis upon his Giving a Bond of one hundred pound as also to find two Good Suretys to Give ina Bail Bond for ffifty pound Each for his Return from Menis on or before the 23d of february next, to which the Said Le Blanc Consented and therefore was Set at liberty


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