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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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and therefore ordered Both his orders and their said Answer, to be Read. Which being done, the Board Refer'd the Consideration thereof till 3 o Clock P. M; and ordered that the Deputys be then present
Lt. Handfeilds petition for a plott of Garden Ground Granted

     Then was Read Lieut Handfeild Petition praying a Patent for the House and Garden he is now in possession of, In the Lower Town of Annapolis Royall, Conformable to an Agreement Between him and Mr Walter Rosa Attorney for Mr Joseph Jennings, The Said Jennings's Pretensions being found preferable to those of Mr Winnietts, and Lieut Handfeild and Mr Jennings's Said Attorney being Called, and the Petition being Read, and Mr Ross also Desiring that the Patent Should be in Lieut Handfeilds Name. The Board Agreed that the same Should be prepared. Ordered that the Secretary prepare the Same.
Major Mascarenes Instructions about setling the province &c. Communicated to the Board


     Then His Honour acquainted them, that as Major Paul Mascarene private Affairs Required his Presence at Boston in New England, he had Upon his Request Granted him liberty to Go and Settle the same, And that whereas he found the Indians were kept at a Distance from the English, and on all occasions incited Against them, through the Deceitfull Artifices of the ffrench, who do it, no doubt on purpose to Deter our English Traders, with these views of Securing to themselves the [317] the whole profite of the trade, they being the only persons Cheifly Employ'd by our English Traders to Dispose of their Merchandizes for ffurs, that he had upon the Consideration thereof wrote to his Excellency Governr Belcher, and proposed to him (in order that the Indians might be better used, and that we thereby Might obtain a Nigher and more Immediate Intimacy with them) the Building of a Truck House at the River St Johns, And that as the Major was Going to Boston, he had also Given him instructions to treat with his Excellency and that Government, upon that Subject, as also with Such of his Majestys Subjects, as Shall be willing upon the advertisement Sent by the Major to be published) to Come and Settle in this Province


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