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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Mr Jennings's, Seems to be a plain Inference that the Governor knew M.r Jennings's Right to be Good And preferable to Any Claim of M.r Winniets: And its a farther Presumption, That his Right was Approved of, not only for the time of the Capitulation (as M.r Winniett Alleadgeth) but for ever. As the aforesaid Sum Would now be above Sixty pounds, And is judged its full Value) by being Continued in the possession thereof by all succeeding Governors, ViztGeneral Nicholson. Governor Caulfield, Governor Doucett And his Excellency Governor Philipps (till Dispossess'd by M.r Winniett as by Alexander Watts's Affidt) During Which time he Built a Very Useful but an ExpensiveWharf for the Improvemt & Security of the house And Improved the premisses Either by himµlf or his Tennants As Appears bv his Granting a Lease to M.r Arthur Savage for the Gardens And his Agreemt for the house with Alexr Watts, And this being by the Approbation of [308] Of Giovernor Doucett the then Commander in Chief is a farther Confirmation of his Tittle, And it is also Manifest That altho' M.r Jennings the Planif is now out of all, That he was never Dispossessd either of the Whole or Any part. thereof Legally by Any Authority Whatsoever: And it is also Generally beleived that M.r Jennings Did purchase and pay the Premium as aforesaid The Board therefore Unamously Agreed that as M.r Jennings's Right is Much preferable to any Claim or Pretensions Advanced to the Board by M.r Winniett That his the said M.r Jenning's Right and Tittle to the said house and Gardens Are Valid and Good

Orderd that the Secretary Should Acquaint the Plantiff and Defend.t by the Constable that the Opinion of the Board upon their Oase should be Communicated to them Next Council Day of which they should have Due Advice
L : Armstrong


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