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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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     He Answerd that the said Mr Jennings had Given him a Power of Attorney And that by Virtue thereof, he had, in Mr Jennings Absence, Secured said house by ffencing it with Picketts; And being Ask'd if he had Any knowledge of Mr Jennings's having bought and paid for said house And Gardens in Dispute as aforesaid ye Deponent Said he had heard Mr Jennings say so, and that he had heard him also say that he paid for them part in Rum And part in English Goods; And that he had No Other Knowledge thereof than that he beleived it so And being ask'd for the Power of Attorney he Retired to bring the same

     Then Was Read Alexr Watts's Affidt Made in Boston New England the 30 th May 1732 before John Ballantine Justice of the Peace; An Agreemt between Joseph


Jennings & said Watts for the house Signed by them both and Witnessed by John Dyson and Robert Arrundale the 30 th March 1722, A Lease Granted by said Mr Jennings to Mr Arthur Savage for the Gardens [302] Gardens Dated the 3d of ffebruary 1719/20 Witness'd by Caleb Willfy and John Board And Attested by Governor Doucett; A Copy of a Letter, not Attested but said to be from Governor Vetch to said Mr Jennings Dated Boston the 20th November 1711, And Also Mr Jennings's Power of Attorney to the aforesaid Samuel Douglass: All said Papers being presented by Mr Walter Ross, to prove the Right of the Plantif, Mr Jennings. Mr Winniett the Defendt Was Desired to shew What Right and pretensions he had thereunto; He thereuponpresented the Board with Two papers, the One called a Copy of Cahouetts Contract from Petipas bearing the Date the 10 th September 1700, And the Other a Power of Attorney from Mrs. Cahouett to Mr Winniett Dated Lewisbourg the 9 th May 1714 And both which being ordered to be Translated, Adjourn'd till 3 o' the Clock P.M.


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