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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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     On thursday the 27th July 1732 the Same Members and William Skene Esqr met according to Said Adjournment


     Major Paul Mascarene Reported to His Honour [298] and the Board the letter formed by the Committy appointed as per yesterdays minute, which being Read, the Same was approved of, ordered to be translated, and to be Sent to the Deputys of Menis, and to the places adjacent

     Then was Read the Scroll of the aforesaid Proclamation which being Debated; It was Agreed that it Should be again Referred to be farther amended and Considered upon
a new half Bushell order'd to be made and Sent thgough all the province


     The Motion being Made that there was Great Imperfections and many Inconveniencys Attending the Measures, and particularly the &fract12 Bushells of this province, few of them Being Conform to the Standard, which being prejudiciall to Trade, it was taken into Consideration, whereupon, Agreed, That a Standard half Bushell Should be made for this River, and Sent to Menis, and to the other Districts thereunto adjacent and the other Settlements of the Province, with a Stamp, to be Committed to the Care of the Deputys, till other persons may be Appointed, to Stamp their Respective Bushells, with orders that none shall use, Buy or Sell with any other than a stamp Bushell, made according to Said Standard, under the penalty of five pounds and the forfeiture of the Corn, and for Every &fract12 Bushell So Marked and [299] and Stamped, they are to pay to the person or persons Employed to Stamp the Same, 2d
Order in Relation to the Measure of Cord Wood & incroachments made on the Kings high way.

     And, as to the Measure of the Wood, Agreed, That an Order be Sent to the Deputys to be Communicated to the InhabItants, that all Cords of Wood Shal be as follows vizt

     Every Cord shall be full Eight foot long, four foot high, and four foot over, from one half Scarp to one half Scarp, Closely piled, under the penalty of forfeiting the Same if offered for Sale, to be Applyed to the use of' the poor

     Then His Honour Acquainted the Board that he had Observed, that Some people had Incroached upon the Kings High way, which Being Considered, it was Agreed that this


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