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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 241


done, His Honour acquainted the Board that he had (through Encouragement from Some of the Inhabitants of Menis) Employed this Rene Le Blanc to Build a House for his Majesty's Service, and that of the Province, at Menis, And therefore he being thus Insulted, through the Insolence of the Savages, and the Evil Rebellious Designes of Some of the Inhabitants, Desired their advice, whether he Should proceed with it or not, and His Honour having Explained himself, as to the use of it, which was Cheifly to lodge Some Troops there, to Curb the Insolence of these unruly people, he again asked Whether Such a Design, if Effected, would be for the Good of his Majestys Service; Which being Debated and Considered; it was Agreed that it would be for his Majestys Service, provided His Honour Could Effect it in Such a Manner, as not to occasion Such a Distrust to those people, as to Cause Greater inconveniencys, than what we at [297] at present labour under through their disobedlence

     Then His Honour desired that the Gentlemen of the Board might draw up a paper which might be published amongst the Inhabitants and Communicated to the Indians, whereby it might be made Appear that Neither any of them, nor the traders had their rights Infringed, by his Majestys having a House built there for his Especial Service, and in order to Shew to the Board, that he had the Wellfare of the Province, and the freedom of Trade only at heart, He ordered the Secretary to Read a Scroll of a proclamation which had been prepared for their Consideration; and the Same being Read, he asked the Opinion of the Board
Order in Relation to the House to be Built at Menis

     It was agreed that a Committy Should be Appointed to Draw up the aforesaid paper, and to adjust and amend the Said proclamation to be again laid before the Board

     Ordered that the Committy Consist of all the members of the Board, and meet at Major Paul Mascarenes for that purpose at 3 of the Clock P. M. And then Adjourned till to Morrow Morning at ten of the Clock A. M.


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