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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 239

     Then was read mr Jennings Petition that was formerly Read in Council the 9th August 1731, As Also one from Mr Walter Ross in Behalf of Said Mr Jennings, Informing His Honr and the Board that He and Lieut Handfeild had Agreed, But that William Winniet Esqr Opposed Mr Handfeilds Geting a Patent for the Same, being Resolved to plead his Right, and to Defeat mr Jennings's Right thereunto, The Plaintiff & Defendant being Both heard

     Ordered that the Said Petitions be delivered to Mr Winniet to make an answer to them against Teusday the first of August Next Ensuing

     Then His Honour acquainted the Board that he had Given orders to one at Menis for building a Magazine there, and that he had been informed that that person whom he had thus Employed had Been insulted and Interrupted by the Indians, in the Execution of that Work; and as Majr ope had Arrived here from thence, He Desired the Major to Relate to the Board what he there heard and saw; which was as follows vizt


     "One Thursday Evening the 13th Instant there Came into
"Rene Le Blancs House at Mines three [294] three Indians
"vizt Jacque Son to Winaguadesh Nick-Nam'd Jacques,
Antoine his Brother and Andress their Cousin, all living upon
"Pizigit River, who in a most villainous Manner and Approbrious
"language insulted the Said Rene Le Blanc and Peter
"his Brother, Saying that all the Le Blancs were Dogs and
"villains, Except ffrancois, and that as for Rene, he had a
"dagger (putting his hand at the Same time under his Coat,
"where twas Supposed the Dagger hung) for him, for that he
"was going to Build a ffort for the English, Mr Cottnam and
"my Self present, when I assured them there was no Such
"orders Given at present, But Suppose the King of Great
"Britain thought it Convenient to Build a ffort there, who
"had anything to Say against it; one of them answered that
"he would not Suffer it, for that he was King of that Country,
for that King George had Conquered Annapolis, But not

The Gov's ord's for Building a Magazine at Mines Communicated to ye Board

Majr. Cope's Declaration


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