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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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and Day to any of the Said family, Upon his being Repaid the Said Sum

     Then the question was put to Antonie Hebert, if he had Ever made any Such Offer to Joseph Robicheau, who answered in the Affirmative


     Upon the Whole the Board voted, and Agreed, That Antonie Hebert, In Consideration that he hath been in possession of that Estate upwards of fourty years Should Enjoy the Same according [292] According to the Custom of the ffrench Inhabitants Declared as aforesaid by Prudane Robicheau Senr, But that Joseph Robicheau Should have this years Cropt, and keep the Same in possession untill Antonie Hebert Pay or Cause to be paid unto the Said Joseph Robicheau, the Sum he paid to John Hebert for the Said land, which by his Contract appears to be £ 6 ---10
L : Armstrong

     Att a Council held at Lieut Governor Armstrongs House in the Garrison of Annapolis Royall, on Teusday the 25th July 1732 at 11 o Clock A. M.

His Honour the Lieut Governor of the Province
Major Paul Mascarene
John Adams Esq
William Skene Esq
William Shirreff Secretary
Major Henry Cope
William Winniet Esq
Otho Hamilton Esq
The Members of the Council Renew their Oath of Secrecy


     His Honour acquainted the Board, that he Judged it Necessary for Several Reasons that the members of the Council Should Renew their oath of Secrecy, and that for that purpose he had ordered the Secretary to prepare the Same, as [293] as also one for the faithfull Discharge of the Secretarys Office, Both Which Being Read, his Honr first took the oath that Relates to the Discharge of his Duty, and then administrated the Same to the Board, and also that to the Secretary


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