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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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that as Captain John Jephson and Mr John Dyson had also petitioned him for Garden plotts he had Also ordered a Patent for Each of them to be prepared, Seeing they have been in possession thereof for these Several years past, and none having according to the proclamation (Except owen Jolly to part of Captain Jephsons Ground; But as it was Captain Jephson who had put him into the possession of that part, Seargeant Jolly upon the Consideration thereof had Agreed to Accept of a Lease for it from Capt [289] Captain Jehpson during his life or While he Should Remain in the province) laid any Claims to the Said Plotts; which Said Grants he Ordered to be Read, and Being Approved of, he Signed the Same
Doctor Watts & Wetherbys Boundarys, & a patent for the Church orderd to be drawn out.

     He also acquainted the Board that as Soon as the Difference Between the Reverend Mr Richard Watts and Mr Wetherby were Adjusted, he would order a Patent to be drawn for mr Wetherbys Plott, As also another for John Adams Esqr for his Several Plotts, as soon as he Could prepare the Several Buttings and Boundings thereof, and that as Mr Watts had presented him with a Memoriall the Same was ordered to be Read; And the question Being put, Whether the Ground Claim'd by mr Watts was the Church land or land Belonging to the King. Agreed that As it hath always been Called the Church land that it Should Continue So to be, and that a Patent should be prepared to Secure the Same for the use of the Church for Ever


     Then the Reverend mr Watts and Mr Wetherby were Cal'd in, and mr Wetherbys plan of his Plott of Ground (where he demands three foot of the Church land for a passage Round his House) Being Considered; The Governor asked mr Watts whether he wouuld Give him Such a passage he answered that during his time he Should have free liberty, But that he Could not Consent that these 3 foot Should be Given to Said mr Wetherby by Patent, without a [290] a valuable Consideration in lieu thereof, to Remain for the use and Benefite of the Church, to which proposition Mr


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