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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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British protestant Subjects to follow their Example, and were therefore of opinion that his Honour (in Consideration also of the great Expence that these Gentlemen have already Been at, and as they are the first adventurers) might very Justly and Safely Grant them a Patent, according to Major Copes last proposition of paying a farther Sum of 18d for the Coall, as it was Offer'd by the Company to Governor Philipps, Upon the Same Conditions as is Required for the Paying of the Quitt Rent for the land, as Nothing Appear'd to them by the Instructions to the Contrary Order'd a Patent to be prepar'd
Samuel Douglass ffrancis Watherby, Carpenter Horlock, & John Hausholes petitions for Small plotts of Ground

     Then His Honour order'd the Secretary to lay Before the Board the promise of a Grant of a plott of to Samuel Douglass Gunner, Sign'd by Governor Philipps, as also a Petition of Carpenter Horlocks and ffrancis Watherby, praying Grants of plotts of Ground in the lower Town of Annapolis Royall as p Minute of Council the 13 th August 1731; As Also a Petition from John Hanshole and Carpenter Horlocks Complaining of Said ffrancis Watherby, for incroaching Upon their propertys;

     All which being Read and Consider'd


     The Board Agreed, and were of opinion, that as the Secretary hath Informed the Board, that None, hath laid any Claim to Said plotts, that His Honour may [281] May therefore Conformable to the Minute of Council the 13 th August last, and his Excellency Governor Philipps's proclamation. now Grant the prayer of Said Petitioners
Patents orderd to be prepar'd

     Order'd that Patents be prepar'd and that the Secretary See that Mr Watherby do not incroach upon any of said Complainants
Major Mascarenes Petition for a plott of Ground

     Then was Read Major Paul Mascarenes Peition which was Read the 8 th October last, praying a Grant of a plott of Ground as therein Mentioned, and the Secretary also Informing the Board, that none had laid any Claim to it; The Board therefore Agreed Nemine Contradicente, that his


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