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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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and Grant them a Patent for that tract by Shickenectua, According to the Tenor of his Majestys Instructions, for which as he and his partners would Engage to Settle and Cultivate the Same, they would duely pay the Quitt Rent therein Mentioned; But Could not Accept of it upon the Conditions of paying Both the 18d per Chalder for the Coall, and the Quitt Rent Requird for the land; And a Coppy of Govr Philipps permission for the Said Company to proceed, with his promise of a Grant, being laid Before the Board, And Read, And the Major having also laid Before them, a paper Directed to the Governor and Council, Entitled an Answer to Gov.r Philipps's permission, Which Being Also Read, Adjourn'd till 3 of the Clock P. M.
Munday the 19th June 1732 P. M.


     Mett according to adjournment, the Same Members being [278] Being present, to Consider the Allegations of Major Henry Cope and Company, advanced as aforesaid their paying the 18d per Chalder, proposd to Govr PhIlipps, and his farther proposalls for making this New Settlement, The Major Being Desir'd to withdraw, His Honour Mov'd to the Board, that it appeard by the Aforegoing Minute, that there were Certain proposalls made by this Company to Governor Philipps, But that there were no Originals to Apply to, and that we know Nothing farther of them, than by Major Copes own voluntary Declaration, and then Ask'd the question, Whether this Board thought he Could Warrantably Recide from and abate any part of their own proposalls, and Said that for his part, he Did Not think that he Could anywise Remit the 18d per Chalder which they had promis'd to his Excellency for the Benefite of the Coall; And that as his Majesty had by his Instructions Requird a Quitt Rent for the land, he Must in that Respect be Regulated thereby, and So insist upon Both; whereupon the Board proceeded no farther; But Agreed that the Major Should be Call'd in, that the Governors Resolutions might be Communicated to him


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