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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 227


     [276] Then was orderd to be Read Governor Cosbys letter to Mr Shirreff, of the 7 th May last, as also the Minute Relating to the Same, of the 8 th Said Month Both which being accordingly Read, The Board approved of Said Minutes, and that Governor Cosby for withdrawing himself from the Council Should Continue Suspended from Being a Member thereof, until his Majestys Pleasure be thereon Known

     Then was Read a Petition from Major Henry Cope and Company of Boston New England, Praying a Grant for the Coaliary Near to Chickenectua, as it was promis'd them in writing by Govr Philipps, He having Notwithstanding thereof, Dissapointed them therein, Altho he had laid the Same before the Council for their advice and Approbation, who having Consider'd the Merit of their Design Gave their Opinion In favour of the Said Petitioners
The petition of Major Henry Cope & Company for the Coaliary at Shickenecty

     Which Said Minute of Council, bearing Date the 24th day of June 1731, was order'd to be Read, and Being found as Represented by their Petition, His Honour ask'd the Major what these proposalls were, they not Being particularly Express'd & Explained by Said Minute


     The Major Answerd that they had propos'd to allow for his Majestys use Eighteen pence Sterling for Every Chalder upon Condition of a Patent, Not only for the Coall in the Said tract of [277] of Ground Near to Chickenectua, But for all the Coall in the Province, which was promis'd upon that Consideration only, and Not otherways, and that they were not to be anywise obliged to pay a farther quitt Rent for the use of the land, or oblig'd to Cultivate or to Settle any Township thereon, which is Such an Expence that will Intirely Dissenable them to proceed, the Coall in its own Nature being So very Chargeable, and therefore finding that the Condition and promise propos'd by Governor Philipps, Cannot be Complyd with, Being Judged Contrary to the tenor and Intension of his Majestys Instructions, The Major therefore Desird that His Honour would Consider their Case,


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