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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Crimes and Misdemeanors, and for perverting one of his Majestys subjects to the Popish Religion Conveying him out of the Province Contrary to the Express orders of the Government, and for Stiling himself the Bishop of Quebecks Vicar) To Depart this Province, and that an order Should be Sent to the Deputys to be published to the Inhabitants, Not to pay him any more Tythes;.And His Honour acquainting the Board that he had answer'd Said De Godalies letters, The Copys thereof were Read and Approved of [275]
Gov.r Cosbys letters in Relation to the Command laid before the Board

     Then were laid Before the Board viztt the Copy of a letter from Major Alexr Cosby the Lieu.t Governor of this Garrison to his Excellency Governor Philipps, In Relation the Board. to the Command of the Garrison in his Excellencys Absence Bearing date the 7 th July 1731. One from his Excely on the Same Subject to the Honourable Lieut Col. Armstrong The Lieut Governor of this Province, Bearing Date the 11 th August 1731, and Governor Armstrongs Answer to Both Said Letters, Bearing Also date the 11 th August 1731, And Also one from Governor Cosby to Governor Armstrong of the 20 th March 1731/2 on the Subject of visiting and looking over the Stores &, Magazines, as Also one to Capt John Jephson Acting as ffort Major, Signifying that he would not Serve any longer under Governor Armstrongs Command, Untill his Majestys pleasure be thereon Known, dated the 8 th May 1732, and another paper, without being Directed or Sign'd, being wrote on the Back of a Report Sign'd by Adjutant TrepSack, But Given to Governor Armstrong (as he Said) by Captain Jephson, as from Governor Cosby, all which being Read

     His Honour acquainted the Board, that having already Communicated all Said letters to Some of this Board, they had wrote him a letter theron, bearing date the 19 th May last, which Being also order'd to be Read, it was by the members then Absent now approved of


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