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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 217

aforesaid Sentence pass'd thereon by the Said John Adams Esqr the 29 th August 1723, And Governor Doucetts order Enjoyning the Same Bearing date the 23d of June 1726. As Also that they Should pay all Damages for their Non Complyance, and Costs and Charges of process, And that His Honour the Lieut Governor Send an Order to Mr Bourg and the other Deputys of the Grand PreT of Menis to See this Sentence duely and Immediately put in Execution, as the party Refusing will answer at their peril

     Then the Board adjourn'd till Munday Next the 27th instant at 10 o Clock A. M. to Consider the prayer of the Appellants other petition, and other papers to be laid Before them

     Munday the 27 th March 1732, Mett according to adjournment being all present


     The other petition of Reny Le Blanc Complaining of Widow Johnson for Keeping him out of the possession of his House in the Lower Town of [264] of Annapolis Royall, and a Note of her deceas'd Husband for £ 10 due for Rent, as also the Widows Answer to Said Petition, and his Excellency General Philipps's promise of a Grant to the said Widow of Said House, were all Read; And the partys Being Call'd in, and Examined upon their Several Alegations, And Being order'd to withdraw, the Board upon the Consideration of the Whole, By a Majority Gave their Opinion that Rene Le Blanc was Justly Entitled to the Said House

Rene Le Blancs petition against widow Johnston

     Then Were Read two permitts vizt one to Paul Melanson Joseph Surrett, Peter Surrett, Joseph Cadett, Junr Martin Aucoin Junr and Joseph Babbin to go to Mushquash-cove; And one for Paul Le Blanc, John Le Blanc (alias Sappine) James Tibau and Benjamine Le Blanc to go to Apple River Head and St Johns; A letter to the preist of Menis, one to the Deputys of Cobaquit and an order to the Inhabitants of St Johns River to Come and take the Oaths, and Submitt themselves to the Government, all which papers being approv'd of, only to Soften Some Expressions in the preists letter, for Reasons advanc'd by Gov.r Cosby
Melansons permitt a letter to the preist of Menis & an Order to the Inhabitants of St. Johns River Read in Council


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