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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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     And Whereas the Inhabitants of Mines have Not observed the Directions prescrib'd to them by His Honour the Lieut. Governor of the Province, with the advice of the Council for their Appearing in Case of process dated 21st of September 1731, and that Notwithstanding thereof, the Plaintiff or the Defendant do only appear


     Agreed, that His Honour Should write another1 letter to [257] to Mr Bourg and to the Deputys of Each District to Certyfy the Reasons for any of the partys Refusing to Comply with the Summons of the adverse party, who are Both Required to Appear
Letter agreed to be Sent to Mr Bourg in Relation to Plantiff & Defendant as also to the Deputys of Menis to Divide the land in dispute between Depuis & Landry

     It was also Agreed that an order Should be Sent to Mr Bourg and the Deputys of Menis to Divide the Said land in Dispute Between the Said John Depuis and the Claudes Boudrot and Landry, According to the aforesaid opinion and Determination of the Council, and to put him in possession thereof Accordingly
L : Armstrong

     Att a Council held by order of the Honourable Lawrence Armstrong Esqr Lieu.t Governor of the Province at Jo. Adams Esqr his House in the Garrison of Annapolis Royal on Saturday the 22d of January 1731/2 A. M.

John Adams Esq
William Skene Esq
William Shirreff Secretary
William Winniett Esq
Otho Hamilton Esq
John Princes affair Decided


     The Secretary Acquainted the Board that the Governor was very ill, and Therefore Desiree the Council might Sitt at Captain Adams's pursuant to their Adjournment of the 30 th December last for their opinion [258] opinion on the Petition of John Prince and the other heirs of the deceas'd Widow Richards against Pierre Depuis

1 Word doubtful.


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