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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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     Upon Which his Petition and Protest (as upon file) being read, M.r Gibson Was Call'd as also was M.r Samuel Cottenham the present Deputy Collector And the Bond being produced And the Conditions thereof Considered; It was Agreed Nemine Contradicente That M.r Donnel had fulfilI'd the Conditions of Said Bond And are of Opinion that the same is Void And Now of Non-Effect And that he is Acquitted from all Obligations Or the Penalty of that Bond or any pursuit on Account of the same in time Coming
Mons.r Gaulin & the Deputys agree

     Then His Honour Inform'd the Board that the Deputys of the Inhabitants of this River Were According to Appoinmt on Munday the first Inst Come with their Answer As then Required in Relation to their Priest Monsr Gauline


     And they being Calld they presented their said Ansr (as upon file) And the same being Read the Provision therein Made for Mr Gauline was Judged Sufficient And as to their Request for his Staying half his time up the River His Honr gave for Ansr that he should be permitted to Stay Up the River only Every third Sunday And that only upon his Aquainting [248] Acquainting His Honour from time to time of his going And Coming
the Deputys answer in Relation to ye lands being survey'd

     The Deputys also laid before the Council their Answer to the Instrumt of the 14th October last about the Surveying of their Lands, which being Read it was agreed that the Consideration thereof should be Refer'd to some other time
Laverns petition agst Gautier Granted

     Then the Affair between Laverne and Gautier Mention'd in Council the 10th Inst and Refer'd to this Day was taken into Consideration And Mr Gautier's Ansr to Lavern's Petition being Read and both Examin'd, It was after some Debate (Peter King who Appeard as Wittness being Sworn) The Cow in Dispute was Decided in favour of Lavern According to the Evidence & Order'd that the Cow or the Value thereof should be Returnd to Laverne by the said Mr Gautier
James O. Neales petition granted

     Then was Read the Minute of the Comity of the 9th Inst And the Comitys Report on a Petition from one James O'Neale Praying a Patent for a Peice of Ground at Shick-


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