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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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     At a Council held by order of the Honoura ble Lt Governor of the Province at the Honoura ble Major Alexr Cosby's house the L.t Governor of the Garrison, on Thursday, the 14 Day of October 1731 A. M.

The Honourable Alex.r Cosby President
John Adams Esq
William Skene Esq
Wm Shirreff Secretary
Otho Hamilton Esq
The Governors order for surveying the lands ordered to be published

     The Secretary Acquainted the Presid.t and the Board that His Hon.r the L.t Governor of the Province was so much out of Order that he Could not Attend the Council, And that he had again Recommended to their Consideration the Instrument that was Read Yesterday (concerning the Surveying of the Inhabitants lands) the same being translated into french Conformable to Yesterdays Minute, of which he desires the Board's Opinion And Whether it was not very Necessary that it should be published amongst the Inhabitants, it being Impossible ever to have Any Tollerable Accot of their Estates or even to give Grants, till first Surveyed


     Which being order'd to be Read the Board Approved thereof [241] Thereof And Were of Opinion that it was Very Necessary that it Should be published And that the Inhabitants ought to have all their Estates Surveyed as is therein Directed; As also that Governor Armstrong should Explain to the Deputys yt part thereof Relating to their Employing the Kings Surveyor that none of them may be made to believe that he is to do it for Nothing

     Then were Read Two Extracts of Yesterdays Minute in Relation to Monsr Gauline tutor to one Mary Denny Daughter of the Deceas'd John Denny, And Noel Duerong of Trejeptick on the South Side of the Basin of Mines, of which the Board having Approv'd, they Agreed that the same might be Deliver'd to them
Rene Martain Order'd to pay Rent to John Bourg &c.

     And Reny Martain, According to the Order of the Board yesterday, being come to Ansr o the Complaint of John Bourg, Lewis Bourg and Joseph Robichau about his paying


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