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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 197

     As to their succeeding Mathew Martain, his Hon.r Aquainted them that M.r Campbel was gone to Britain to solicite the Affairs of the seigniors And that as soon as he Recd Any Directions about them that then the Prayer of their Petition should be taken into Consideration of which the Board Approved and orderd M.r Secretary to summons Reny Martain to Appear before the Board to morrow Morning

     As to Noel Duerong's Petition his Hon.r Informed him as also the Rest of them, of the Necessity of having their lands all first Surveyed before he Could give them any Grants; And a paper being prepar'd to that purpose and the same order'd to be Read, it was with some Amendmts Judged proper to be translated into french and sent into the sevl Districts of the Province, And Orderd that the Secretary should give the said Noel Duerong A minute of the Sentiments of the Board which also were that he the said Duerong might Enjoy and possess his said Estate Untill survey'd as aforesaid or farther orders
Noel Duerongs petition for a Grant and the Gov.'s orders to the Inhabitants to have ye lands surveyed.


     Then Monsr Gauline Conformable to the Minute of Council the 11 th September last laid before ye Board a Copy of the Deed of Sale therein Mentiond Attested by Alexr Bourg And also Acquainted his Hon.r that Mary Denny the Daughter of John Denny was Come from Mines to prove herself Heir of the said John Denny Deceas'd Which being Read 240] Read and the Young woman Call'd upon and Examined; It was agreed that she the said Mary should be Immediately put into the possession of Said Lands there being no body else, ever since the Death of her said ffather John Denny, which is now Allmost two Years agoe, that hath laid any Claim there-Unto or anywise petition'd for the same And it was thereupon Agreed that the Deputees of Mines Allong with the said Alexander Bourg should be Orderd to Give the Said Mary Immediate possession
L : Armstrong

Copy of Mary Dinnis deed of Sale laid before the Board & the order to be put in possession


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