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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 185

Canso for the Conveniency of the Troops posted there, I Do hereby Declare Such suggestions to be false, And that I have Never Recd to the Value of a Shilling Directly or Indirectly Nor any sum of Money Whatever from the Government Upon Account of anything that has been done there all which I here Certifie Under my hand this 26th Day of July 1731
     R Philipps
A true Copy of the originall
W Shirreff Secretary

Then was Read his Excellencys Order to the Secretary for Drawing a Ruff Draught of a Pattent or Grant for Said Plott of Ground and the Secretary having Acquainted the Presidt that His Excelly had sent him a Paper Entituled Governor Armstrongs Objections to the Plott of Ground Demanded by Governor Cosby, the same was also order'd to be Read And the Board was of oppinion that as they had founded their Vote Upon his Excellys letter of the 24th July last & his Declaration That these Objections did not now properly ly before them
His Excellencys order for Gov.r Cosbys Grant read in Council

     Mr Shirreff Mov'd to the Board Whether they Approv'd of the Ruff Draught which was ansrd in the Affirmative being Conforme to their former Vote
mr Shirreffs motion


     Then yt Paragraph of the former Minute of the 24th of July last in Relation to Mr. Handfeild's Demand of a Grant was Read, As also Mr Jennings's Petition to Governor Armstrong And Governor Cosby & Me Borland's Letter to Governor Armstrong in Mr [19] Mr Jennings favour, And Lt Otho Hamilton's Objections being also Read, the Board after some Debate came to this Resolution;

mr Hamiltons objection agt mr Handfields grant

     That Mr Jennings (who is absent) should have Eight Months Allow'd him to Come or send to make Good his Claim to the Ground Petition'd for by Mr Handfield

     As to Mr Hamiltons Objections the Board were of oppinion That if Neither Mr Winniet nor Mr. Jennings could make out their Pretentions and Claims to be Valid and Good to that Peice of Ground Claim'd by Mr Hamilton by Virtue


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