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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 165

Honour will be pleased to Inlarge him & admitt him to take the oaths as per Said Petition on File Read——


     And said Richards being Sent for & ask'd how he came to Assemble the Inhabitants made answer that he did not but that Guillaume Bourgois after that he had deliverd the Governor's Order assembled a Great Number of them at or [225] or near his house at Beaulieu That he afterwards sent one Pierre Commeau to the lower part of the River to Summon the Inhabitants to Meet altogether at Ruisseau Fourchu the day following which was Fryday which was the day before they were to assemble at the Fort

     The Board having taken the matter into Consideration Agreed & Resolv'd that Said Richards be Remanded to Prison in Regard it appears That on his Examination he had prevaricated & was unwilling to make a Frank & Ingenuous Confession of the Whole Truth
ffrancis Richards Imprisoned.

     At a Council held at the LivtGovernor of the Provinces house in the Fort of Annapolis Royal on Fryday the 20th of Octob. 1727

The Hon:ble Liv.t Col.o Armstrong Liv.t Governor of the Province
The Hon.ble Maj.r Cosby Liv.t Governor of the Fort
Wm Skene Esq Chris Aldridge Esq
Jos. Bennitt Esq
John Blower Esq


     The Oaths appointed by Law to be taken instead of the Oaths of Allegiance & Supremacy [226] with the Oath of Abjuration were tenderd to the HonbIe Majr Alexr Cosby Livt Govr of the Fort & to SevI Other Officers & Gent. who having taken & Subscribed the Same also made & Subscrib'd the Declaration

the oath appointed by law is administrat to the Officers.

     The HonbIe Major Alexr Cosby being Appointed By his Majesty's Royal Comission Livt Govr of the Town & Fort of Annapolis Royal after having taken an Oath for the due
Maj.r Cosby made Liv.t Gov.r takes the oath.


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