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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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     A Letter dated ye 24 of June from the privy Council advising the Same & directing him to proclaim the accession of the High & Mighty prince George Prince of Wales acording to a form inclosed in all the proper parts of this Province

     A 2d Letter from the Lds of Trade dated the 11th July, Cont’a 2 proclamations in print one of the 16th of June from Leicester house Requiring all persons in Office to proceed in the Execution of them for 6 months from the Demise of his late Majesty & another dated from St James's the 5th of July 1727 for Continuing all Officers in the plantas in their Respective Offices till His Majesties further pleasure therein Should be known

     Advised on & Resolv'd
Vessels hired for proclaiming his Majestys accession to the throne Amongst the ffrench.


     That as His Honr on the Certain advice of the death of His late Majty had already proclaimed the Accession of His Royal Highness George Prince of Wales in this place both in manner & Form as directed by the Rt Honble the Lds of the Privy Council that he should only proceed to publish the Other two proclas at the head of [221] the Troops & in town & that he Should embrace the first oppo to do the Same in all other proper places of the province at the Same time that His most Sacred Majesty King George the 2 d is proclaim'd.

     Then His Honr acquainted the Board that there was now in the Harbor a Vessel belonging to Capt How which he was Willing to Employ for proclaiming His Majty King George ye 2d in all the proper places of the Governmt pursuant to the Directions of the Lds. Commissioners of Trade by their Letter now before the Board

Advised & Agreed.  

     That the Vessel aforesd he taken up & Charterd for his Majtys Service & that Capt How be desired to give in to the Board his proposals in Writing agst to Morrow Morning & then Adjournd to that time


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