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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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     He likewise Refused to take them to his present Majesty as did four or five more, the Rest of the Inhabitants having [217] having Withdrawn themselves without coming to the Fort or Seeing the LivtGov.r
The 3 Deputys Imprisoned.

     Order'd that the three Deputy's (Abrahm Bourg Charles Landry, Guillaum Bourgeois) & Francis Richards for their Contempt & disrespect to his Majtys Governm t & Authority be Committed to prison & that the Other Inhabitants for having Refused the Oath to His Majty Shall be debarrd from Fishing upon the English Coasts till His Majestys further pleasure Shall be known concerning them pursuant to the 13th article of Governor Philipps's Instructions.
Mons.r LeFondt his declaration.


     Then His Honour acquainted the Board that he had detain'd in the Fort one Le Fondt for not coming to Wait upon him in 24 hours after his Arrival here from C. Breton The Said Le Fondt being sent for & upon his Examination having discoverd himself & others Guilty of Some Illegal practices by 'Conveying away Cattle from this province to Cape Breton &c The Secry was order'd to take his declaration in Writing & then His Honr was pleasd to adjourn till to Morrow at 9 a Clock [218]

     Mett at the Same place on Sunday the 17th of Septr 1727

The Hon:ble Liv.t Governor
John Adams Esq
Wm Skene Esq
Chris Aldridge Esq
Jos. Bennitt Esq
John Blower Esq

     His Honour represented to the Board that the three Deputys in prison had been guilty of Several enormous Crimes in assembling the Inhabitants in a riotous manner contrary to the orders of the Governmt both as to time & place & likewise in framing a Rebellious paper, which they, instead of Complying with His Order in Council to assemble the Inhabitants at this Fort, Sign'd & deliverd in as, their final Resolution to take no oaths but upon their own Terms


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