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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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     At a Council held at the Honble Livt Governor's house in the fort of Annapolis Royal on Tuesday the 12th of Sep.r

The Hon:ble Liv.t Governor
John Adams Esq
Wm Skene Esq
Chris Aldridge Esq
Joseph Bennitt Esq
John Blower Esq
The oath to be propsed to the ffrench Inhabitants

          The Hon.ble Livt Gov.r acquainted the Board that he did Intend to propose the Oaths to the French Inhabitants & to that purpose he had caused an order to be prepared to be Sent to the Deputys, to Summon them to this place against Such time as the Council Shall think fitt, That as the people of Mines had Refused the Oath which was tandered to them and taken by the people here to his late Majesty, on accot as they pretend of some harsh Expressions He had therefore Some Thought of proposing no other oath than that appointed by Law to be taken instead of the Oath of Allegiance That he had Edeavourd to procure a vessel in order to proclaim His Majesty in all the different Settlements of this Governm.t but that he had mett with difficulties therein that he could not Surmount, there being but one Vessel fitt for that purpose in the Harbour belonging to Mr. Winniet that he had sent the Master to Mrs Winniet to hire her for His Majtys Service, but he Return'd Soon after with an answer that Her Husband had orderd her to be laid up So soon as She should arrive


     Then His Honr caus'd the aforesd order to the Deputys to be Read to the Board who having approved thereof Resolvd That the Said Order Should be transmitted to the Deputys forthwith, to assemble the Inhabitants at this Fort agst Saturday next [215] next being the 16 Inst & that the Oath appointed by Law to be taken instead of that of Allegiance Should be then tenderd to them & That he Should embrace the first opp.o of a Vessel that may be hired to proclaim His Majty Throughout the Governm.t


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