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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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     At a Council held at the place aforesd on Saturday the 29 July 1727


     The Honble Livt Governor & the Same Members as Yesterday
Prohibiting of trade to Menis &c.

     The Liv.t Governor's Order prohibiting of Trade to Mines the places adjacent and Checanectou Read & approved of

     Orderd that the Said Order be made publick according to the Directions of the Board of Yesterday


     The Circular Letter order'd to be prepared by an Order of Council on Tuesday lasr
     Read and advised on [205]
Duplicates of the letter to Indians sent to them

     Order'd that Duplicates thereof be Sent by the first Opp.o to the Sevl ribes of Indians living at St Johns, Pentagouite, Cape Sables, Marligash, Mines or Checabnacady & Checanecto~ &ca

     At a Council held at the same place as on the 29 Inst on Monday the 31 July 1727


The same members as then
Letter from Lv.t of the Massachusets Bay setting forth his design to Ratify the late treaty of peace with the Indians


     His Hon.r Comm nicated to the Board two Letters from the Honble Mr Dummer LivtGovernor of the Massachusetts one dated ye25th of May & the Other the 5th of July 1727 advising him that he was Going to Casco to Ratifye the late Treaty of peace with the Indians of St Francois & others & that he had Signified the Same to Maj.r Mascarene Commiss.r for this province whom he had Invited to bear him Company to the place where they were to meet as also Some Matters Relating to the Penobscut Indians who Seem'd to be Resolv'd to Maintain the peace with us by threatening the Canada Indians with their Resentments in case they Should make any Rupture. [206]


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