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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Mr. Blins affair ag.t Mr Adams decided

     John Adams Esq. Dep. Collector Defend:t & James Blin appearing for his Son William very much Indispesposed presented His Honour with a Petition in behalf of His said Son begging pardon for his Son in giving so much Trouble to the Board in the affair depending between him & the Coll.r which being the first of the Kind ever taken notice of here Humbly prays to be forgiven Which being laid before the Board & Read His Honour ask'd the Defend.t John Adams Whether he was Satisfied with the prayer of Sd petition & he leaving the Same to the Sentimts of the Board they were order'd to Withdraw, & the Same being taken into Consideration the Board agreed that as the Collr was Satisfied & as it is the first fault of its kind that ever was here that the prayer of Said petition be Granted he the Said Wm Blin begging pardon for His Said Fault as mention'd in Said petition Withdrawing His papers & paying Charges

     At a Council held at the place aforesaid on Thursday the 1st of June 1727 P. M
Letter to the Inhabitants of the Bay in relation to the oath of fidelity

     All the Same Members present as 26th May His Honour the Livt Governor Represented to the Board that upon further Consideration of Capt Bennitts & Ens.n Philipps's Report to him of the French Inhabitants behaviour up the Bay & their answers in Relation to their Taking the Oaths of Fidelity to His Majesty, Judged proper to Invite them once more to that part of their Duty by writing to them a Civil Letter


Which Letter being Read was approved of Orderd to be Recorded & forwarded to them accordingly [197]

     At a Council held at the place afores.d on Tuesday the 20th of June 1727

The Honourable Coll Armstrong Lt. Governor
John Adams Esq
William Skene Esq
William Shirreff Esq
Capt. Chris: Aldridge
Capt. Joseph Bennett
Capt. John Blower
Ann Robichau's petition against Jo: Adams Esq.

     His Honour laid before the Board a Petition of Ann Robichau's complaining agst the proceedings of John Adams


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