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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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that it was [193] was address'd to General Philipps desiring that he would make all the haste possible to his Government

     The two Leblancs being withdrawn and Said Certificates & Letters taken into Consideration the Board Referr'd the further examination of these affairs till the Arrival of Mr Winniet
Cap.t Bennet 4t Eras. J 8.1:1. Philipps' Journals.

     Then he laid before the Board Cap.t Joseph Bennitts Journal of his Transactions with the Inhabitants of Mines & that of Ens Erasmus James Philipps with those of Checanectou or Beaubassin and those Said Inhabitants answer in Relation to their taking the Oaths to His Maj.ty as upon file

     Which being Read the Opinion of the Board is that they the Said Inhabitants by their Rebellious behaviour and Insolent Answer deserv'd no manner of favour or protection from His Maj.ty or this his Government and agreed that His Honour the Liv.t Governor had done all that was possible to be done for the Good of His Majesty's Service

     Agreed that the Original papers be transmitted home to His Maj.ty's principal Secretary of State & to the Lord Commissioners of Trade & plantations for his Majestys further directions therein


     Order'd that an order be sent to Stephen Rivette of Pissaguite to come here also to make good his pretensions to a Mill there before the Liv.t Governor & Council [194]

     Order'd that Mr Shirreff the Secretary draw up Sign & Send the abovesd Orders by the first oppo to Alexr Bourg & Stephen Rivette


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