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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 139

     At a Council held at the House of Jn.o Adams Esq in the Lower Town of Annapolis Royal on Monday ye 15th of May 1727

The Honourable Lt. Governor of the Province
William Skene Esq
William Shirreff Esq
Capt. Chris: Aldridge
Capt. Joseph Bennett
Capt. John Blower
Thos Cosby Esq

     Will.m Shirreff Esq. Demurring presented His Honour with a protest against his attending the Board or Sitting there Otherwise than according to his Seniority, Which being read & Consider'd, was order'd to be thus Entred as therein Required & the original kept upon File
Mr. Shirreffs protest recorded


     Then His Honr desired Mr Sheriff to act as Secretary & told him that he would give him an Order for so doing & some other Satisfaction towards his Expence & trouble as Shall be Specified in Said Order, of which he accepted upon Condition of losing neither his place nor any Other of His prerogatives at the Board when at any time he Should not act as Secretary & the same being agreed to He approach'd and took his place accordingly Then [188] Then His Honour acquainted the Board that on Saturday the 13th Ins.t He Rec.d a Petition from Wm Blin master of the Schooner Endeavour praying a hearing before him against Jn.o Adams Esq for Weighing the Anchor of his Said Schooner Cutting her Running Rigging bringing her under the Fort Confining the Master & by Force of Arms piratically unloading part of her Cargo to the Value of Two hundred pounds & Refusing to deliver them to the owner Thereof & as containd in Said petition upon File

Mr. Shirreff appointed Secretary

Wm Blins petition ag.t John Adams Esq.

     Then His Honour laid before the Board a letter from John Adams Esq Deputy Collector praying in His Majesty's Name for assistance of Men to bring up the Said Schoon.r Endeavour to be Searchd according to Law, having cause of Suspicion from the Refusal & Conduct of Said William Blin in anchoring at so great a distance from the Usual place


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