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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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     Then His Honour laid before the Board An Oath which he had prepared to be taken for the Due Execution of their places and Trusts as Mentioned in His Majestys Broad Seal'd Commssn to His Excelly the Governor Richard'" Philipps Esq

     Which after Some Debate, and Amendments Made he first took the Same And having also Administred It to John Adams, William Skeen, And William Shirreff He afterwards Administred it to Captain Christopher Aldridge, Cap.t Joseph Bennett, Captain John Blower and Tho.s Cosby Esq which they took Accordingly which Said Oath Order'd to be Registred is as follows viz.t
The Oath prescribed to ye members of ye council by his Hon.e Law.e Armstrong Esq.r L.t Gov.r of y.e Province


     I, L A Do Swear to be true and faithfull to our Sovereign Lord King George & to Serve him Honestly and faithfully in Defence of His Person, Crown and Dignity Against all his Enemys & Opposers Whatsoever, And that I will upon all Occasions Dureing the time that I am or may be Admitted a Member of His Majestys Council for this His Majestys Province of Nova Scotia freely & faithfully According to my Conscience & the best of my Understanding Give my Advice and Oppinion when Ask'd by His Excellency the Governor Lieu.t Governor or Commander in Chief of the Province for the time being with the members in Council Assembled in all things that the aforesaid Authority Shall See Cause [187] Cause to Lay before the Council for the wellfare of this Government and the Good of His Majestys Service without partiality favour or Affection and that I will not Divulge and make publick the Sentence of the Board Untill it shall be approved of by aforesaid Authority and the Members of the Said Board, Neither will I upon any Accot Disclose or Discover the Vote or Oppinion of any particular Member of Said Council
     So Help me God


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