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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Article he promised in his aforesaid Answer in Regard to this his Majestys Province to Continue him in the Cure of Mines till further Orders and to Order him here Earely in ye Spring in the Sprung and at present to take no further Notice of his Disrespectfull behaviour, but Still to admonish him to beware for ye future

     Then According to these Sentiments of the Board, his Honour the L.t Governor of the Province, Gaulin being Again call'd in (after Repremanding for Acting so Ungratfully & Even So Unwisely for his Own Intrest, After Such Unexpected kind Usage he had Rec.d here) told him that he had Still So much Lenity Upon his faithfull performance of what he had promised and Signed to, to foregive all, But that for a further Testimony of his Sincerity he Expected that he would now Solemnly Swear before the Council to Act in all things Conforme thereunto; which he did Accordingly as upon file
By his Honour's Command
by and With the Advice of the


     At a Meeting by Order of the Honourable Lawrence Armstrong Esq Lieu:t Governor of His Majestys Province of Nova Scotia at the House of John Adams Esq in the Lower Town of Annapolis Royall on Saturday the 13th May 1727

The Honourable Lt. Govr of the Province
John Adams Esq
William Skene Esq

William Shirreff Esq
Severall Gentlemen to be sworn and admitted into the Council.

     His Honour Acquainted the Said three Members of the Council that for want of a Quorum he was under a Necessity for His Majestys Immediate Service to Compleat the Number of the Council to Seven, by Swearing and Admitting of Capt Christopher Aldridge, Cap. t Joseph Bennett, Cap. t John Blower and 'Thomas Cosby Esq the Commssary of


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