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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 135

bim, had notwithstanding thereof Spoke Slightfully of the Governm.t and Disrespectfully of the Order he had Given him for the Cure of Mines, & for the Certainty thereof he had Mr Adams's affidavit ; And that he had therefore Recalled the Said Gaulin in Order to take the Advice of the Board what Should be done with him for so much Intollerable Insolence
Mr. [182]


     Mr. Adams's Affidavit being read, Mr Gaulin was then call'd in, with Cap.t Joseph Bennett & Ens.n Erasmus James Phillipps and the Said Affidavit being again Read and Interpreted to him

     He thereunto Made Answer in ye Negative, and Said that he beleived Mr. Adams had Misunderstood him, for that he did not mean Any Contempt or Disrespect to the Governor's Order, and for a further Answer gave in Writting what he had to Say further on that Subject
     Which being also Read

His Honour Desired Mons.r Gaulin to withdraw and having Enquired of Cap.t Bennett & Ens.n Philipps about the behaviour of said Gaulin while on Board

     To which they both Answer'd that to the best of their knowledge, very well, and y.t he had promissed all the Assistance in his Power to Effect what they were going about but Said y.t it was too late in y.e year

     The Said two Gentlemen being also Withdrawn the Board took into their Consideration Gaulin's Behaviour & the Ans.r he had given in Writting to Mr. Adams's Affidavit


     Upon which they Came to this Resolution and Therefore Agreed, That notwithstanding he was Such a Vile fellow, it would Still be better at this Juncture to Continue him, than either to keep him in Prison or Banish him the Province, for the Same Reasons as were Offer'd at the Board on Munday the of 8 ber Last, and therefore Advised his Honour the L.t Governor of the Province Upon [183] Upon his taking a Solemn Oath to performe faithfully all and every


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