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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Robert Nicholes a prisoner Examined.

     The Honourable Presid.t Acquainted the Board that His Honour the L.t Governor of the Province had Desired ye Council to Sit in Order to Examine into ye Crime of one Robert Nichols his Ser.t now a Prisoner for assaulting and offering him Violence as appears by two Affidavits taken before the Gentlemen at Canso the 24th of October 1725 in Order y.t the Said prisoner may be Either Acquitted or Condemned to Such Punishments as the Board may Judge Suitable for Such Misdemeanours; Which being Read

     Ordered that ye Prisoner be brought before Board


     The Prisoner being Come the Gover ours Accusation & the Said affidavits were again Read to the prisoner and being further Examined and having nothing to say for himself but y.t He [170] He did not Strike the Governor

     The Prisoner being Withdrawn, and the Board having Seriously Considered ye Whole & the Examination thereof at Canso the 24th of October 1725 as aforesaid

     Agreed & were of Oppinion y.t it was highly Necessary that the Said Robert Nicholes Should for his Insolence be made An Example of & Severely punished for his Audacious Violence Offerred to the Honourable L.t Governor of the Province in order to terrifie all Such bold harden'd Villains from Assaulting the Governor Who Represents his Majesty [blank in MS] here that [blank in MS] in honour to his Majesty and this his Province may be Allways Duely & Strickly Obeyed

     And the Question being put, what punishment Should be Inflicted on the Said Robert Nicholes for his Disobedience to & Most Insolent Arrogance in Assulting his Honour ye L.t Governor of the Province


     The Board in Order to Consider further thereon Adjourned by Agreement till to Morrow Morning
By his Honour's Command
by and with ye Advice of
the Council


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