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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Untill further lnformed of the Truth of their Reports, they also Requesting the Same being affraid to live amongst the Inhabitants or Depart for fear of the Indians1

     At a Council held at the Place aforesaid on Munday they 21st of March 1725/6

Present The Honourable Lievt Governor John Doucett President
John Adams Esq
William Skene Esq

William Shirreff Esq
the peace Concluded with the Indians at Boston


     The Honourable L.t Governor Acquainted the Board that he had Advice from Major Paul Mascarene [147] Mascarene the Commissioner Appointed by this Government to Treat in Conjunction. with the Government of New England about the Peace with the Indians And that he had also transmitted him Attested Coppys of the Articles Agreed upon by the Indian Deligates in behalf of their Sev.e Tribes of this Province their Constituants and of these which he had Signed to them in behalf of this His Majestys Province (as upon file) which were Read, as also the Articles Agreed. upon by this Board the 3.d of November 1724 & a Coppy of the Honourable Lawence Armstrong the L,t Governor of the Province his Instructions to the Said Major Mascarene for his Transacting Said Peace as aforesaid

     Wherupon Resolved that the Deputees of this River be forthwith Sent for that they may be ordered to be here Wednesday Next, And that they May Acquaint Such Indians as are in the River, of Said Peace being Concluded at Boston; And bring Such Indians Allong with them And then Adjourned to the Governors farther pleasure

     Saturday the 26th of March 1726
The Indians to be advertised of the peace Concluded at Boston

     The Honourable Presid.t and the Members that were present on Munday last Mett at the Same place Acoording to the Adjournment of that Day; And the Deputees being come The Instruments of agreem.t Made at Boston the

1 Printed also, but not with complete accuracy in Murdock, I, 431 f.


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