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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 107

and Alligations; And the His Honour the L.t Governor Acquainting that he had Allready put them Prisoners, it was Accordingly Agreed that they Should be Examined

     And one of the Said Prisoners being brought before the Board, who Called himself Paul Francois Dupont de Veillein And the Honourable Presid.t having Asked him what he was, from Whence, & the Cause of his and the Other Two's Coming here

     The Said Paul Francois Dupont de Veillein Made Answer that he was a Gentlemen of a family of good Report in france, that his Parents had Designed him for the Eclesiastick Order, but that he had Served as An Officer in the french Army, And that being put into the Bastile the first of October 1722 for what he knew Not, where he Remained about twenty two months, Was Sent to Quebeck by Order of Means of (as he Suppos'd) Some Certain Advice, but from the Governor of that Place where lived about twelve Months, & was there Entertained like a Gentleman, through the Means of (as he Suppos'd, Some Certain Advice, but from whom he knew not, of Some who knew him in Old France

     Then being Asked, Seeing he was so Well Entertained there, why he left that Place in Such a Vagabond Manner and to Come without the Governors Pasport He [144] He Answered that he would not give him One, but told him he might go if he pleased, and that he would not stop him, And that Upon his Denying him one, he and the Rest Contented themselves with the Bishops Certificate

     And being Asked Why they did Not Rather go from thence Directly to Old france or to Cape Breton

     He Made An.swer That None of the Masters of Vessells would take them on Board without the Governors Pasport


     Then being Asked why they Ventured to Come to this or to any of the English Governm.ts without one

     He Answered That his father was of Blois and a Chevalier, and that being Sent a way in Such a Manner; he was


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