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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 105


     It is the Oppinion of the Board That the Land Sued for be Divided Equally amongst the Heirs of Francois Commau and that the Governor please to give an Order to the Deputees of this River to make An Estimation of the Value of the Said Land, at the time that Said Richards took possession of it and of its present Value Since Said Richards hath Improved it, It being Understood by This [141] This Judgement that none of the Heirs Shall have Any Right to the Portion adjudged to them, but on Condition That they Shall Reimburse & Pay the Said Richards for his Said Improvements, each According to the proportion of their Respective Share of Said Land

     At a Council held at the Honourable L.t Governour John Doucetts house on fryday the 22 d of July 1725

Present The Honourable Lievt Governor John Doucett President
Major Paul Mascarene
John Adams Esq
Hibbert Newton Esq
William Skene Esq
William Shirreff Esq

     The Honourable L.t Governor Acquainted the Board that the Deputees had made to him their Report of the Land in Dispute between Commau & Richards, and were allso come to Acquaint that they had Come to An Accommodation between themselves
Commau & Richards agree about their lands

     The Honourable Presid.t also Acquainted the Board that Hibbert Newton Esq being bound to Canso had therefore Deputed John Adams Esq to Act as Deputy Collector Durelng his Absence; And that he (viz.t the Governor) has Appointed Willianm Skeen Esq Navall Officer
Jo. Adams & Wm. Skeen Sworn Upon being admitted Dp.t Collector and Naval Officer


     And the Said John Adams & Will.m Skeen having accepted of the Said offices, took the Oaths Appointed by Act of Parliament Then [142] Then the Honourable Presd.t Proposed as Governor Armstrong was Arrived in the Province to Draw up An Address to Congratulate his Safe

Gov.r Armstrongs Arrivall Congratulate


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