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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1736-1749. 85

His Honour the President
William Skene Esq
William Shirreff
Eras Jas Philipps Esq
Edward How Esq

Edward Amhurst Esq

     His Honr communicated to the Board a Joint Letter from Admiral Warren and General Pepperell brought by Capt Giddings of the Ordnance Packett in the Service of the Honble the Board of Ordnance arriv'd here the 6th inst, in wch amongst other things was mentiond the necessity there was of a Small Tender of Some Force to attend on this place and to carry Intelligence between the Two Garrisons of Louisbourg and this Place and New England and that if this Vessel was thought of Present Service for that End or any other Publick Service this Garrison might stand in need of, the Master had Orders as soon as he was discharg'd the Service of the Office of Ordnance to receive Govr Mascarene's Orders and from the Date thereof the Admiral would answr for her being paid and Insur'd by his Majesty.

     His Honr further acquainted the Board that he had often represented the necessity of such a Vessel as well as of a Small Man of War to Guard the Entry of the Bason and Convoy the Stores and Provisions wch this Garrison, receives from Boston for its support, and that he thought what was now Offr'd would be of actual Service if the Vessel could be sent immediately back to Louisburg but that the master had told that tho' he was very willing himself to undertake the Voyage his sailors was so discouraged from the Hazards and the Difficulty of that Voyage in this Season that it was impossible for him to depend on their Assistance from wch his Honr Judg'd that as the Vessel would be of no Service here for these Six Weeks or two Months when she would be surrounded with Ice at the Key, she might proceed her voyage to Boston and from thence be engaged to return as soon as the Winter broke up and to take under her Convoy the Provisions to be sent by the Contractors. The Master of the Ordnance Packett haveing been called in and Examined on ye Possibility of his Returning At this Time answer'd to the same Purpose as before and added that there would be no Difficulty as to the Vessel being detain'd here and being sent where he should be directed as soon as the Weather should      up.

     Which being considr'd and Debated it was Judg'd that the admirals Proposals was not to be postpon'd, that if the Vessel was allowed to go to Boston without being taken in the Service her Owners might employ her another way before spring, that if she should be obliged to be some time here without being Employed she would be ready however upon any Emergency to send either to Lewisbourg or to Boston, and as some Gentlemen said who had made the Observation, the Place she would lay up at the Key Could not be so incumbr'd with Ice but that she would float at every high water and could sail down the River wch generally


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