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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1736-1749. 53

     Monday December 17th 1744 met according to adjournment the same Members present.

     His Honor the President acquainted the Board that by the intelligence he had from Mines that things were pretty much in disorder, there there being no new Deputies chosen nor answers made to the letter he writ to the old Deputies by Peter Allain and Jacque Terriot which he understands is occasioned by the notary public neglecting to act by reason of some check he has received for some past misbehavior, which hitherto he has not cleared himself of to the satisfaction of this Board and therefore he stops all business on pretence of nobodys having any right to transact any public affair but himself – it is therefore resolved that His Honor the President shall suspend the said Alexander Bourg from the execution of his office as notary public till farther orders and to appoint in the meantime Renny LeBlanc to execute that Office.

     The Cobequid Deputies appeared this day as directed and were told that as it was of absolute necessity for His Majesty's service that the Indian enemy should not be apprised of any designs formed for their chastisement they the said Deputies should remain here for some time longer, that in the meantime the President would assist them and pay for their lodging and diet.
Signed P. Mascarene

At a Council held by order of the Honble Paul Mascarene Esq President and Commander in Chief & and in the fort of Annapolis Royal at his own house on Friday the 21st of December 1744

His Honour the President
William Skene Esq
William Shirreff
Erasmus James Philipps Esq
Otho Hamilton Esq
Edward How Esq
John Handfield Esq
Edward Amhurst Esq

     The Deputies of this river having presented a Petition wherein they prayed to be discharg'd from giving Pilots & Guides to go against the Indian Enemy they were told that their Petition contained what might make them appear not Inclined to assist the Government; which they answer'd was not their Intention, they being always ready except in this Point which they desired to be discharg'd from & some Motion being made to return their Petition to amend it they were bid to appear on Fryday the 28th Inst. & then adjourned till said day.

     Fryday the 28th of December 1744 met according to adjournment the same Members present.

     The Deputys appeared again & being asked for their Petition they said that seeing their demand would not be granted they Chose to withdraw it – The Comma in Chief repeated to them in Substance what he had told


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